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review: SUMMER RELOADED pizza party at the W BARCELONA Hotel


It’s not easy to say goodbye. Especially when you are not ready to do so. Yes, we know time goes by, inevitably, and every cycle must continue its curse, its evolution. We look at the calendar fully aware September has arrived; it’s the time to say farewell, once again, to the summer. We had grown fond of the long days, ever-lasting hours; a time when all roads lead one way and one way only, to the beach. That’s why, when our vacations were over, we arrived to a conclusion: we don’t want to say goodbye to the summer, not yet. Instead, we are going to re-celebrate it, as if it had just begun. If we were going to do so, it had to be as intended, with all of our friends and our #108th issue, YOUNG & FAST, as the main protagonist. If there’s one place in Barcelona that represents the essence of the summer, it’s the W Barcelona Hotel. Located between the San Sebastià beach and the Puerto Comercial, this mainsail-shaped hotel is designed to offer breathtaking views. On the port side, from its terrace, you can see the whole coastline of Barcelona. From the starboard side the landscape offers the wide horizon, far across the Mediterranean. No better place to host the last great party of the summer, the one we will keep in mind as the temperatures decrease and the night takes over. That’s how the Summer Reloaded Pizza Party became a reality; it took place at the E-Wow Cabana the 8th of September, and its whole spirit was set out to worship the summer. What better way to do it than watching the sun go down while we satiated our thirst with some cold Peronis, as pizza just kept on coming out of the oven, just in time to ease the hunger. And so, between chit and chat and other important conversations, it was time to try on a wig and go get shot at the Photomaton, or have one of the delicious chocolate cupcakes labeled with lamono’s logo (yes, we know, a little bit of Saturn behavior, eating our sons, but they were just too good to not give into temptation). We must thank, heartily, to all the W Barcelona Hotel Team, who were the best of hosts, and with whom we hope, in the gracious words of Casablanca, the beginning of a beautiful friendship develops. This is also the beginning of something else; a series of parties with which we’ll launch every new issue of the magazine, a theme party in accordance with the issue’s title, and with the surprise factor as leitmotiv. What’s next? We still cannot reveal it, but what we can do is bid farewell to the summer. Now we can. Anyway, the best thing about it is that it always comes back, with its warmth, to end with the tyranny imposed by the cold. Autumn, just for you to know, our expectations are high.





















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