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Review: RVCA ANP Advance


On Wednesday, September the 7th, we arrived to la belle France, invited to a festival that rises in popularity as years go by, the Ocean Climax in Bordeaux. An event that lasts nearly a month, conceived with the objective of raising the awareness about global warming and sustainability. These are the two leitmotivs around which the festival revolves, in one of the surf capitals of Europe. Besides offering music, organic food, art, boardsports, and other urban culture expressions, the Ocean Climax aims to widen the dialogue regarding what we are doing (and what can we do) in order to bring a little bit closer the concept of green economy. That’s why the chosen location works perfectly, to say the least: the Darwin Ecosystem is an old military headquarter reborn into a co-working of associations dedicated to sustainable development and ecological transition; it even has a skate park made out of recycled materials. Within this context, the ANP Advance was organized, along with the RVCA Artist Network Program exhibition, which presented us with an amazing line-up and the future proposals of this unbreakable link that exists between art and skateboarding. Emerging and renown artists from different disciplines came together for this exhibition -which will be running until the 28th of September-, with one goal in mind: inspire us to stay true to ourselves. During the inauguration, our special correspondent, Marco Savino, from Ethnology Media, had the chance of talking with Ed Templeton about his long and outstanding career, do a refreshing interview to Andrea Do Souto, in order to know the opinion of a woman about an industry ruled by men, discuss with Jêrome Romain about what hyperrealism really is, and have a casual conversation with Ben Horton and his mysteries. After all, this is an event that allows all attendants to delve into an environment ruled by creativity. RVCA is surf and skateboarding, but at the same time art and inspiration, and all this elements came together in a balanced and fruitful manner in Bordeaux. If you want to see these interviews and discover this festival further, check out our new video on our vimeo channel; because after this revealing experience, we know one thing for sure: next year we’ll be back.

Photos: Marco Savino








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