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Oakley brings the Pro Santa Cruz 2017


Tom Cloarec – Santa Cruz 2016

Without a doubt, in the last few years Portugal has become the main surfing spot in Europe. Mainly due to its amazing waves, but as well, thanks to the support this sport has received in this amazing country. That’s why Santa Cruz, a small coastal town between Ericeira and Peniche, has been selected to host the only QS3.000 event from the World Surf League in Europe. What started last year as a low-tier QS1,000 is graduating to a QS3,000 in 2017, aiming to summon some of the best surfers around the world, since it’s well known that obtaining positive results in a QS3.000 event can be definitive to go into the Top100 and participate in the main WSL events around the globe.


Andy Criere – Santa Cruz 2016

That’s why, behind the Pro Santa Cruz 2017 there’s a well known sponsor that has supported the surfing community throughout many years, pushing it further in every possible way. It’s Oakley, who has decided this year to re-launch their One Obsession campaign, which, through the hashtag #cantstop seeks to pay homage to all those who pursue their passions without rest and at the same time encourage people to share their dreams and also become a source of inspiration for others. Scheduled to take place between the 25th and 30th of April at Praia da Física da Santa Cruz, for sure it will be the perfect prologue to all the other great events of the World Surf League happening this year, and as well, it will offer French rider, Andy Criere, an opportunity to defend the crown he won there last year.


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