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#readyformore: federico marigonda, the whitest heart

Monday, September 5th, 2016 | T: lamono

The first impression you get when you meet Fede is that he is one serious dude. And he is; serious, shy and sweet. He has always been #ReadyForMore, as every innate dreamer is. I can picture him as a kid, studying insects anywhere his parents left him, open to a new world full of creativity. And as a result from those random activities, a universe only his imagination understands is conceived. Once you’re born like that, nothing will change you, and what’s best is that the world will synchronize so that you remain forever the same. Fede is really passionate about Converse, therefore he couldn’t miss our confession session with the new Chuck Taylor II. His favorite color is black, though his heart is all white. T: Felipe Duarte F: Laia Benavides

Do you remember which was the first goal you set out for yourself and accomplished? Moving to Barcelona almost nine years ago. I came because I didn’t want to be another one, another guy in town that the first thing he did was to go to the bar after work to repeat the same stories day after day. That’s pretty boring, don’t you think? I wanted more. I have always wanted more; have interesting stories to tell, adventures, real anecdotes that are only mine, something to tell my grandchildren. My first year here I took it slow, not thinking too much, without worrying about the future, until the day my father told me, “Federico, it’s time for you to make a life for yourself, build a future”. After listening to those words I promised myself that before I turned 30 I was going to be a tattoo artist, and I achieved it when I was 28, so objective #1: achieved.


When did you realize you wanted to be a tattoo artist? I have always liked the American culture, the sailor tattoos, how they marked their bodies with their stories from travels, adventures and romance. I like the fact of having your life written on your body.

And an illustrator? “I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, I think I was born with a pencil in my hand”. Those are the words I repeat every time someone asks me for how long I’ve been drawing. I grew closer to the world of illustration thanks to this city; when I arrived here I found plenty of incentives and people interested in promoting art, new artists, they offered you a voice, possibilities to do an exhibition, show your work, one of those agents were you guys, you have always believed in me and supported me, promoting my art since day one.

And what really makes you proud about each discipline? I’m really proud of them both. Sometimes I stop and think: “I wasn’t born here, not even in this country, nevertheless I managed to find a place for myself, become someone in this city, which now I love and consider home”. Thinking about this is what motivates me day after day, and makes me feel proud of the position I am in.

Which is, or how would you define, your style? My style, basically, is traditional, though I always try to add something special so that people can tell it’s a “Fede”.

Which was the first tattoo you did and to whom? The first tattoo I did was in my leg, but it was practicing, so it’s not too important. The one I consider my first real tattoo, I did to my best friend. He came to visit me and the first thing he said was, “Tattoo me, I don’t care what you do, how it results, I want you to tattoo me. I trust you”. Now it’s my turn, “Grazie Franz! Ti devo una!”

 What must, no matter what, a tattoo artist have? Good energy and don’t be an asshole.
I like the fact of having your life written on your body

From the tattoos you have, which one is your favorite? Why? They’re all my favorites, I like all of them, but there is one that summarizes my whole life; it’s the first one I got. It’s a tightrope walker doing his thing, and it has written, “Balance is impossible”. Then, if you come to think about it, balance is not impossible, it’s just impossible to maintain it.What’s the most important thing in order to achieve your goals? Keep on being myself.Is there any tattoo artist you admire? No, no one in particular. The ones I admire are my colleagues at 19:28 Tattoo Parlour, my home away from home, my second family. Every day I learn something from them, and vice versa. I think that when you work in an environment like that, you don’t need to look up to anyone else.Many times we find ourselves in the need of support when the doubts arise and the problems start to succeed each other. If it weren’t for the help of whom you wouldn’t be where you are? Damn… this one is personal (laughs). Honestly, I have been here for a long time, I arrived when I was only 23 years old, and I have passed through different phases in this city. But, above everything, I couldn’t have done this without the support and admiration I have towards my father, who has always been a role model, Sandra, who found and discovered my dream within this city and Wahid, who believed in me and poured all his trust since the first day. If it wasn’t for them, I think I wouldn’t be where I am. So I think I’m in debt with more than one.Which is your next goal? My next goal? I honestly don’t know. Every day is a challenge. I have many interests and concerns.

And your wildest dream? I’m a simple guy, though it doesn’t look like it. So my dream is to have a house by the beach, with a garden, a big tree where I can seat and draw and look at the porch, to see the love of my life coming out with my kids, and breath relieved knowing that’s my life, for real.

What do you think about the Converse Chuck II? Which if your favorite color? I love them! Black of course! (laughs)

Are you #ReadyForMore? I’m always ready! (Or almost always).


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