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october’s #CULTURALHOROSCOPE: a fall bursting with hedonism

Friday, September 30th, 2016 | T: David Gonzalez

#CULTURALHOROSCOPE of OCTOBER, by Mr Stardust, writer, creator and born with a the incredible gift of the esoteric hedonism. Illustration by Jeez Vanilla


The fact that not everyone can understand our circumstances doesn’t mean we are wrong. There are days, weeks and even months when we can be affected by a Kafkaesque event, like waking up being someone, or something, we weren’t before. Frustration, anxiety, discontent and all of our burdens may end up suddenly transforming us without any previous warning, like Gregor Samsa’s character in The Metamorphosis. LIBRA, when we are misunderstood we might get isolated, but incomprehension doesn’t means to be erring, nor isolation wanting to be alone.


It’s never too late for anything; not all destinations are at the same distance and not everyone takes the same amount of time to get there. Every one of us has a personal sense of time, and knowing what we want is fundamental to go for it. Sometimes we delve in spiraling thoughts that cloud our vision and entangle us. SCORPIO, sometimes our mission is nothing but “trying to get up that great big hill of hope for a destination”, as 4 Non Blondes clearly stated.


Love is the ability to assimilate three points of view: the personal, the other person’s and the shared one. Probably, the correct balance between this triad is the base of the perfect equation to make everything flourish, like in Christopher Delorenzo’s drawing. The mathematics behind love are not always logic: 1+1=3.



Attitude and energy are the essential components to face any challenge, and it’s only through our enthusiasm and perspective that we’ll be able to overcome them. CAPRICORN, throughout this month you must blend with the quintessential attributes of the Wild Boys photographed by Hugh Holland; electric and irrepressible kids flying around with a skateboard under their feet. The hardest part is gaining the momentum necessary for the jump, but once you are in the air, irredeemably you will have to land, and when you do, you’ll realize you are somewhere else. That’s what’s really important.



Lorca used to say that the worst feeling of all is the death of hope, and, sometimes, battling for keeping it alive is truly arduous. As Diane, Steven’s mother in Xavier Dolan’s movie, Mommy, says: “The world is a place where there is little hope, but I like to think that there are people full of it waiting for something, because those of us who expect something, change things”.



In order to get to know someone it’s mandatory to rummage and dig beyond the first impression. If we look firmly at the eyes of the digitalized faces made by Oleg Dou we’ll notice that, despite the artificiality, what’s interesting hides far away from everything that’s conventional.


It takes us a lifetime to build ourselves, and a second to crumble


Just because you are losing, it doesn’t mean you have lost; just because you are suffering, it doesn’t mean you are hurt. We experience feelings we don’t know what to call; in the meantime there are songs able to name our emotions. We could say that recently we have been feeling somehow LOST! -from Coldplay-. After the darkness, any tinge of light is blinding and liberating. ARIES, autumn is here and your days will soon be filled with light again.


Some duties are more important than others, prioritizing might be an option, or even an obligation.



Usually stopping, taking a seat and pondering, becomes a basic necessity. We live dizzily on the edge, and most of the decisions we have to make, regardless how impulsive we are, need some evaluation. GEMINI, it doesn’t matter if it is a chair at Le Corbusier, of from the Memphis Group, or at the Bauhaus, but use it.



We all reach a point throughout our lives where the only answer we need comes from a question formulated by The Clash: Should we stay or should we go? CANCER, no one, not even us, should play with our time. It’s true that usually we don’t know what determination to make, but if they don’t want us is better to leave, and where we haven’t been wanted is better to never go back.


We not always want to (or can) face reality as it is. Nevertheless, at the end, we realize that by repeating to ourselves the truth it’s easier to move forward. We need a monster in our lives, like the one Conor meets at 00.07h, to help us see reality from another perspective. In A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, the monster itself says so: “Sometimes people need to lie to themselves more than anything else”.



In a photographic interview, Philippe Halsman asked Dali, “How many times have you tried?” Dali answered by posing, drawing an infinite sign with his peculiar moustache and responded, “A gentleman never discusses figures”. It doesn’t matter how many times we try but the motivation to keep on trying.


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