#features: eli reed, rebel with a cause

miércoles, marzo 30th, 2016 | T: lamono

He remains still in a corner, observing steadily all the other riders skate inside the bowl, like if everything apart from that resembled a world he’s not part of, his eyes are so fixed that anyone could think he is the judge of a contest that is not being scored. We approach expectantly, trying no to disturb his well-rounded world, as he accepts to have a talk with us. Suddenly, he forgets everything that surrounds him and focuses solely on our talk, on the questions. Eli Reed is intense and selective. We feel honored by his kind words and his openness to our curiosity, which he satiates with the parsimony he uses in his walk, but is nowhere to be seen when he skates. Eli Reed is one of the starring riders in the video of the Converse Cons One Star World Tour and, clearly, he could not miss the premiere the brand did at the crematorium in Silent Green Kulturquartier, Berlin.

Eli, you recently finished touring the world; was it a good experience traveling with the Converse CONS team? Yeah, it was real fun, though I only went on the tour around America and Europe, since I got hurt at the end of the summer, which made me miss out on the Asian and South American tours, but for the most part I went on and it was great.

Was it good for you? Yeah, amazing. Always.

Did you have any special day you remember concretely along the tour? Everyday is a great day, you know? Just to get to travel the world and skate, nothing can be better, really. It’s just non-stop skating; it’s tiring but fun.

And how is your relationship with the rest of the Converse team? Are you guys really close? Yes, I’m very close with Zered Bassett because we grew up together, though with everybody else we are very close too; they’re definitely more like your peers in skateboarding than your close friends, it’s a totally different relation to the one you have with a close friend, but we definitely get along and I’m happy that all of these guys are on the team, they are all easy-going and very easy and fun to travel with.

How many years have you been riding for the Converse Cons team? I want to say six or seven… seven maybe.

And tell us, how you got started on skateboarding? I started when I was ten, my brother used to skate too, so I followed him. Before that I used to play basketball, but skateboarding stole my heart.

I started when I was ten, my brother used to skate too, so I followed him. Before that I used to play basketball, but skateboarding stole my heart

Why did you decide to move from Boston to New York? Because New York is my favorite city to skate.

What other hobbies do you have besides skateboarding? I like to run, do yoga, and sports in general; all my hobbies tend to be physical activities.

Tell us about your brand, ER. My brand is an extension of myself, it reflects perfectly my day-to-day inspiration, is where I pour everything I see, live and feel. Although it is a lot of work, developing collections for me is not difficult at all, maybe because is the mean I have to exteriorize everything I carry within.

Why do you think most of the riders have the artistic vein so developed? Skateboarding and creativity are the same thing; they’re both about letting your imagination fly, besides, when your traveling all the time your mind awakens.

What does Converse CONS represent to you? Converse is a brand that goes beyond limits, they encourage you to do so too, and I like that.

Today is the launching of the One Star Pro sneakers, what do you think about them? They have everything a sneaker needs; they’re very comfortable to skate with, which is very important.


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