#culturalhoroscope: september and the stars await us

Friday, September 16th, 2016 | T: lamono

#CULTURALHOROSCOPE for SEPTEMBER by Mr. Stardust: Writer and creator, a creature born with an exceptional gift for esoteric hedonism.



VIRGO, some certainties, once read, rumble within forever. Like the artistic piece Protect me from what I want, by Jenny Holzer: simple and perpetual. We must protect ourselves from what we want. Protect ourselves from what we don’t want. Protect ourselves from those who love us. Protect ourselves from those who don’t love us. Protect ourselves from our most inconvenient urges. Protect ourselves from our addictions. Protect ourselves from delving in moods that become too familiar. Protect ourselves from those who induce us. Protect ourselves from excessive desires. Protect ourselves from excess. Not everything we wish for is convenient for us, nor everything we avoid, inconvenient.



LIBRA, some people seem to know everything while others hide something. Some search by themselves, without asking for help, others never lose faith in what they firmly believe. Like Will Byers’ mother, Joyce in “Stranger Things”. LIBRA, this has been the series of the summer and will probably be your inspiration for September. It doesn’t matter how crazy we seem, sometimes we need to follow our intuition, our certainties. It’s all we have left.



SCORPIO, Machado once said, and now Las Bistecs: al andar se hace camino/ y al volver la vista atrás/ se ve la senda que no se ha de volver a pisar (walking we create the path/ and by looking back/ we see the path we must never walk again). SCORPIO, this year you have walked a lot, maybe too much, even through some places you would never visit again. But who cares, everything is a lesson. As Las Bistecs say: no importa si es cemento o si vas por el desierto (it doesn’t matter if it’s pavement or if you’re going through the desert). The bottom line is to create a path.


SAGITTARIUS, some days we wake up with the feeling of being trapped in a stage. Like The Truman Show. Everything seems wonderful, relative, there’s no time for negativity. SAGITTARIUS, take full advantage of this new phase you are in. Happy days count for two.



CAPRICORN, starting again is an attitude. Some times we maintain scopes in our life regardless if we are not happy with them. We might even ignore them, as if they had nothing to do with us. CAPRICORN, we must always be ready to start again. We must be ready to break free from what we don’t like and transform it into what we want it to be. We already have to endure too many politically conventions about ourselves, with other people and society as a whole. Take note: Arcade Fire, song: Ready To Start. Lyrics: But I would rather be alone / than pretend I feel all right.

Puedes jugar con palabras, pero no deberías jugar con corazones


AQUARIUS, it’s impossible to control everything, even if we think we can. There’s always a gap through which uncertainty, insecurity and our own vulnerability comes in. The same one we can see in the teenagers that pose at the beach for Rineke Dijkstra. At first sight they seem fragile and insecure amongst the immensity blue of the sea hues. At the end we are vulnerable beings facing the omnipotence of the world.

Kolobrzeg, Poland, July 23 1992 1992 Rineke Dijkstra born 1959 Presented by the Patrons of New Art (Special Purchase Fund) through the Tate Gallery Foundation 1999 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P78329


PISCES, stopping is as important as moving. Regardless, time doesn’t stop, it’s always ticking. Amélie Nothomb’s novel, The Character of Rain, is about the meaning of life, pleasure and the reason for time’s existence; “Time is an invention of movement. If one does not move, does not see the passage of time”.


Kevin Sloan


SuperARIES, we are born and we die by ourselves, nonetheless, we are not taught to live in lonesomeness. Sometimes, being by ourselves is strictly necessary to find proper balance. Straying away, not being in the company of others for a while has nothing to do with stop being social. There’s a moment when we simply have nothing else to give, and probably we are not in the disposition of receiving anything either. Candy by Wake Owl is the soundtrack to sit and go into trance with, constantly repeating: You ain’t got what I need/ I ain’t got what you need.


TAURUS, we move between excess and insufficiency. Both places are complex. Spaces where only those who are truly convinced can swim, facing the consequences. Starting a new period and changing habits depends exclusively on our power of will. TAURUS, now is the time to get rid of everything that harms us and let in what benefits us.


GEMINI, family can become a burden, and saying so doesn’t have to be a disgraceful act. Louise Bourgeois once represented maternity and family like a load. Heads facing down like animals in a slaughterhouse that remain together, always united. Sometimes families fall apart and the ties that used to keep them together weaken, though some threads are unbreakable. We not always understand each other; sometimes we row in different directions, but we can never forget our personal values.



CANCER, a ladder can be a simile about life. Sometimes, hedonist frenzy leads us to the top, others, real deception makes us roll down breathlessly to the bottom. In life as in everything, it’s not about reaching the last step first, nor be the last one to leave the first. It’s about feeling like we are in the right step all the time.

LEO, the end of the summer is here and we always have to go back to the place where we came from. Some will set their sails in the direction of a new life. Others will remain nostalgic for the next eleven months until is time to visit again their summer refuge. As we grow we change the way we spend our summer, but an episode of Verano Azul will always give us back the spirit of our most essential vacations.


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