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#lamono111 EMPTY featuring… Andrea DoSouto

Denny Pham celebrates God

She grew up in Santiago de Compostela but her home is in L.A., not to mention Cuba stole her heart. For Andrea DoSouto, staying still is not an option. Photography became her first love from the moment she moved to Barcelona to study photojournalism; there she spent countless afternoons inside the dark room, developing rolls of 35mm film. That’s why, maybe today, she defines herself as a documentalist photographer: her images are the graphic evidence of what she sees wherever she goes, but, above all, she has taken on the responsibility of becoming the eyes of the skateboarding community, first in Barcelona, and then in the rest of the world, by traveling along RVCA as an advocate for the brand. Skateboarding has always been part of her life, both on the personal and professional level, an environment that has surrounded her ever since she was 19 years old, but her vision goes further: she is fascinated by people and the way in which they live. Her photographs posses an implicit sensibility halo that has become her personal trademark and reveal her presence behind the lens, like when she captures all the women that inspire her, or the places that she loves. Restless, sincere, documentalist, with an absolute predilection for black and white, she has developed a special ability to see life as a sequence of images. At the end, it all comes down to the same principle: when you do something with passion, you work will talk –or shout- for itself. T: Paris Patterson-Garner & Antonella Sonza

You can read the full interview in Spanish and in English by acquiring your copy of our latest issue #lamono111 EMPTY, February – March, here. To receive the magazine in your house you can subscribe by sending en email to suscripcion@lamonomagazine.com

Aidan Campbell and Barney Page doubles boardslide

Babes on bikes

Babes Ride Out in Joshua Tree

Barney Page Bs 180 nosegrind in Bordeaux

Denny Pham flushing it

Dustin Dollin after a savage ollie drop

Eniz Fazliov

Greyson Fletcher and Charles Collet session nap

Greyson Fletcher


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