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lamono 112 featuring… jim jocoy and his book ‘Order of Appearance’

jim_jacoy 014

Upside down yellow car, 1980

Through an outcast point of view…

We wake up each morning thinking everything will be the same, and, all of a sudden, the world has changed. That which we believed was homogeneous is now different, the Summer of Love is now behind, and as an avalanche a new movement has arrived, represented by an overwhelming youth, full of energy and aggressiveness. More than a few don’t understand it, others believe it’s something that will pass, but the punk movement will prove to be as powerful as the hippie subculture, and for everyone it’s bizarre. Jim Jocoy was right there, documenting such cultural transformation in one of its epicenters, San Francisco. There and then was where his most recent book, ‘Order of Appearance’ (2017), was conceived; a selection of images never-before-seen captured forty years ago and which depict a social phenomena that changed the western world for good. Because today’s bizarre, tomorrow might be just plain common. T: Felipe Duarte

Jim Jocoy and TBW Books present ‘Order of Appearance‘ (2017), a photographic journey that depicts in a marvelous and unique manner the conception of the punk movement in San Francisco. 

Images courtesy Casemore Kirkeby Gallery, San Francisco



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017 002

Mary Monday of Mary Monday and the Bitches, 1977

002 012

Robert Lee crashing into white van, 1977

009 002

Levi Dexter of Levi and the Rockats with Pleasant Gehman at the Deaf Club, 1978

002 004

Trudie, DeDe, and friends, 1979

003 001

Pee trough with graffiti, 1980

019 001

Javier Escovedo of the Zeros, 1979

jim_jacoy 036

Jennifer Miro of the Nuns, 1977

jim_jacoy 022

Friends in a gold car, 1978

002 015

Muriel with bruised knees, 1980

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