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John Grvy and smart magazine reveal Madrid’s Local Secrets


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Design, innovation and progress, they all come together. Such blend makes living in a city even more exciting and vibrant. Each one has its secrets, places where you can enjoy the real essence of the local creativity. How can we discover them? The key is to get to know other people’s stories: artists, creative minds, and musicians who, just as you, live their life in the city, and make it enjoyable by discovering new projects and experiences. Yes, you can rediscover your own city through their eyes. Because inspiration comes when least expected, but what is certain is that it must be nurtured.


© smart magazine

That’s why, for all of us, and to keep things interesting, smart magazine is out on the streets, looking for fascinating stories, those that have the required freshness we need to start each day (or night) filled with enthusiasm. Local Secrets is the travel guide for all the urban explorers that are looking for inspiration for life in a big metropolis today. A few local creative minds guide us through their hometowns where they live and work to discover all their secret spots. In this chapter, we get to see Madrid through the eyes of John Grvy, the Madrilenian electronic, soul and r&b musician, who launched his most recent EP, ‘City Lights’, a little over a month ago. With the help of his smart forfour electric drive, we get to know Madrid’s state of art architecture, new trends in design, culture, technology and mobility. He is our guide in Local Secrets Madrid, where he takes us to his favorite spots within the Spanish capital, as we get to know a little bit more about his personality. Museums, record stores, restaurants, and the best places to relax or go out partying; recommendations made by someone who lives every single moment of his life with intensity and can give us truly insider advice to enjoy Madrid in all its urban and creative beauty. Because the everyday routine of a city cannot be an obstacle when it comes to finding an authentic lifestyle. You can fill it with adventures and emotion too, you just have to find the right spots to do so. Check the Local Secrets Madrid complete guide in smart magazine and write down the spanish capital on your travel wishlist.


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