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lamonogram recomendado: strange fire, una colección de realidades

F: Tamara Reynolds

Escenarios, personas, historias. El colectivo de artistas interdisciplinarios de Strange Fire ha creado un espacio de crítica social y política que traspasa la pantalla. Con el objetivo de cuestionar críticamente las jerarquías sociales y destacar el trabajo artístico de mujeres, personas de color, queer y trans, su proyecto se basa en mostrar extractos de vidas anónimas que merecen ser escuchadas.

Cada semana centran su contenido en la obra de un artista, las personas que forman parte de ella y sus vivencias reales, crudas, valientes y conmovedoras: re-aprender a vivir después de pasar más de veinte años en la cárcel, cambiar de sexo durante la edad adulta, las distintas realidades que coexisten en un motel de carretera o los estigmas con los que tienen que convivir las personas de color. Historias con nombre y apellido o representaciones cargadas de simbolismos que ofrecen la posibilidad de observar la sociedad desde distintas perspectivas. Y ninguna de ellas te dejará indiferente. Además, en su página web puedes encontrar entrevistas a los artistas que han coleccionado cada una las vidas expuestas y conocer más sobre cada uno de sus proyectos. Sin filtros ni distorsiones, Strange Fire Collective visibiliza trabajos sobre cuestiones que, habitualmente, son invisibles. Simplemente sensacional. T: Mar Gòdia



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Hello everyone, @jesstdugan here, taking over the Strange Fire Instagram. This week, I will be sharing photos from “To Survive on This Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults.” Made over a five-year period and recently published by @kehrerverlag, this project is a collaboration with Vanessa Fabbre, a social worker and Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis. The featured individuals share a wide variety of life narratives spanning the last ninety years, offering an important historical record of transgender experience and activism in the United States. This is “SueZie, 51, and Cheryl, 55, Valrico, FL, 2015.” . “When we got married, I never imagined that someday my husband would become my wife. Right from the start, SueZie confided that she identified as female on the inside, but transition never appeared to be an option. But, I never had a problem with her wearing lingerie. You know, it’s just clothes. I fell in love with the person inside, and what’s on the outside is more about what they feel comfortable with.” – Cheryl . Photo courtesy of @edelmangallery. @wustl_official @brownschool #tosurviveonthisshore #jesstdugan #photography #contemporaryphotography #portrait #portraiture #lgbt #lgbtq #transgender #transaging #tgnc #valrico #florida

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Hello Everyone, @gayblock here, taking over the Strange Fire Collective Instagram. This week, I’ll be sharing Photographs and writings from my books, Rescuers: Portraits of Moral Courage in the Holocaust, Bertha Alyce: Mother ExPosed, and About Love. . Miami, South Beach, 1982-85 . When I saw Miami’s South Beach for the first time in 1982 I was awed by the beauty of the small Deco hotels, but I was even more fascinated by the old people sitting on the porches. The first night, when I stopped at one of those porches, it was love at first sight. I knew right away that I would return again and again to talk with and photograph these people. They were the bubbes and zaydes (grandmothers and grandfathers) I had longed for. . I envied their simple lives and loved their Yiddish accents. Living on their social security checks in one-room apartments in the small hotels, they walked to do their shopping and then returned to sit on the porch with their friends. In the afternoon many took a light chair to the beach where they sat in circles singing Yiddish songs, or they played cards or dominoes, or they visited. I began doing video as well as photographs because I loved the sound of their accented voices and the way they told me their life stories almost as much as I loved what they looked like. . I was drawn to return again and again over the next four years, until the gentrification changed South Beach forever until it became a place for the young and hip. . #miamibeach #southbeach #aboutlove #goodfriends

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10 for 10 at Popeyes. @kennschneider

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Hello All Followers of Strangefirecollective. This week I am sharing with you excerpts from my work The Drake, a series of portraits, still life’s and streets capes that document the lives of people existing just above survival on one square block around a motel in Nashville, Tennessee. This image marked the beginning of the project in 2015. It was that fella’s birthday holding the cigarette so gracefully in the upper right hand corner of the photo. All his friends were there celebrating. Home brew is being shared all around. It’s a niegborhood bar. Pull up a chair, pour yourself one. Let’s coast out of the first work week of the year.🔹Please check out the interview with @jesstdugan #strangefirecollective. Good night from this week’s #sfctakeover artist.. @tamarareynoldsphotography . . . #thedrakephotographyproject #femaleartistfriday #womanstreetphotographers #unseenworld #windowontheworld #photography #colorphotography #portraits. #thedrakephotographyproject #foammagazine #paperjournalmagazine #thebritishjournalofphotography #nytimeslensblog #thisaintartschool #documentaryphotography

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