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eight free, full online documentaries for designers and creative minds


Estos tíos exóticos de Barcelona

On previous occasions we have come to you with different lists of documentaries based on our favorite subjects. This time, the list provides a pledge to increase our interest towards design, art and advertisement a little bit more; a selection that allows us to go beyond and understand how this industry works. An industry that, from afar, seems so free and wonderful. We have sought to present a list of titles easy to find on the World Wide Web, so we can all, well… get inspired!

Everything is a Remix is a documentary based upon the fact that not everything is as innovative and creative as we think. Everything is based, and has its foundations, upon a previous creation; as human beings we seek for inspiration, through knowledge and experiences, in order to create a story. This means that the saying, “everything has been invented”, is not too far from reality.

Wonderland focuses on the creative process, ideas, the dilemma between art and advertising and the fact that artists will always have to face criticism, either negative or positive, to their works. Wonderland affirms that the life of an artist is not always as simple as we think it is.

Helvetica is a recount about this famous font. This documentary focuses on the importance it has, both in the art world and the advertisement industry, because when the message is intelligible, the chances it can be decoded are rare. A must see for all letterers.

Don’t worry; we are not leaving the skateboarding world behind. Beautiful Losers brings to us the story of a group of artists who began a movement in the art world with the D.I.Y. aesthetics, quintessential within the skateboarding paradigm. Directed by Aaron Rose, this audiovisual piece shows us the story behind this movement that grew to the surprise of everyone, and became commercially successful.

Art & Copy is about art, commerce and the way in which we perceive art and advertisement. Along this documentary, interviews with the big corporations shed some light on the way they define their aesthetics and, in a way, their brand. The creative minds within the world of advertisement are the main protagonists here.

Estos tíos exóticos de Barcelona focuses on the designers that work in the city. The filmmaker asks them about their main referents when it comes to design, where do they see the industry right now, how do they expect it to evolve, etc. If you have a designers mind and want to work in Barcelona, this is the best documentary you could ever see.

Exit Through The Gift Shop. We are passionate about Banksy, you already know that, hence, we couldn’t miss the occasion to include him on this list. In this documentary, the graffiti artist goes to Los Angeles to visit his friend Thierry Guetta. Along his journey he will reflect upon the art industry, with arguments that will for sure create controversy.

Closing this top eight we have Design Masters: Vignelli. This documentary narrates the story and creative process behind the Vignelli matrimony. Besides showing us how Lella and Massimo used to create their pieces, we get an insight into their motivations and private life, providing a full-colored portrait of both artists.

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