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Challenge accepted: the new video series by smart on sustainability and mindfulness

We live under constant change and that is the good thing. Because the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and redeem the mistakes we have made is within our reach. Everything is ephemeral, nothing is forever, and it’s never too late to make big changes by modifying little habits. Even the smallest contribution counts when the ultimate goal is so great: taking care of the planet that has given us life through adopting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. And, in general, taking care of ourselves a bit more. Challenge Accepted is the new video series launched by smart that delves into relatively new concepts such as Zero Waste (or what is the same, living by generating no waste), digital detox (or how not to abuse the technology in our day by day) or Sharing is Caring, the noble (and often requested) art of sharing resources to save unnecessary expenses.

Have you ever considered changing your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one?

Through different chapters presented by Berlin entrepreneur Michel Niknafs, the series shows us different realities and points of view to help us see that change is possible: The only thing you need to do is to strive for it. In addition, the videos are supported with a number of articles, like this one, which gives us 10 useful tips to introduce new sustainable habits in our day to day, little by little. For example, instead of buying a plastic water bottle every time you are thirsty, you can get a reusable glass bottle and fill it every day. Also, ahead of attending an event, try to find a treasure in thrift stores before opting to buy a completely new outfit. Or maybe, the next time you have to go shopping, consider doing it at a local store, taking your own cloth bag. Absorbing all this practical knowledge requires little effort, but its benefit is enormous. Are you willing to accept the challenge of change? Follow the complete series here.


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