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attention photographers: life framer is back


© Sian Grahl, “Llamada abierta” winner

Usually, every photographer, amateur or established, has a goal, one she, or he, rarely shares with the world. This goal, which sometimes is ignored, is to achieve giving his, or her, work, the diffusion it deserves and, like this, shouting the message it conveys to the world. Every now and then, it’s enough exhibiting your photographs to relatives and friends, but other times, this can even make the goal seem a little bit further. This is when the question arises, “where can I take my work for it to have more visibility?” In that limbo, where the answer lies, we can find contests, magazines and galleries. If this sounds familiar to you, or to someone you might know, we are glad to introduce you to Life Framer, a photography contest that has won our hearts.

This is how it works: the overall theme is ‘Life’, in any manifestation or possible interpretation. Nonetheless, every month there’s a sub-theme, which helps enclosing this wide concept, it can either be ‘Colors’, or the current one, ‘Humans of the World’. For each one of these, there are 12 winners. What happens if you are one of them? Besides having your work spread all over the internet, widening its diffusion and visibility, you will also have your images printed and exhibited in three top galleries in four different cities around the world (New York, Rome, London and Tokyo, all of them important in the art community). On top of that, you will get a monthly salary of U$1.000, and a valuable amount of constructive feedback from professional experts. Now you know, achieving this goal is closer than you ever thought it would be… just try your best and good luck!

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