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anthony lister x volcom, against conventionalisms


It’s easy to write Anthony Lister off as a graffiti artists. In fact, during January of this year, Lister was found guilty of “one count of willful damage by graffiti” by a Brisbane magistrate court. The incident gained international attention and subsequent media stories that followed highlighted him as such.

However, Lister’s work is much deeper than that. His pieces, which feature gritty black lines, colorful spray paint and manipulate white space extraordinarily, have a rebellious spirit and as a result, are heavily sought after. He has been commissioned by a variety of clients, ranging from private homeowners looking to spice up their exterior, to international companies like Hermes and G-Star Raw Denim.

In fact, the same Brisbane City Council that brought forth his case also employed him in 1999, when he was commissioned by the BCC to beautify the city, by painting the previously dull utility boxes. As a young, novice artist at the time, this was a job that helped jumpstart his career.

Lister describes himself as a “public interventionist”, for his ability to beautify and transform public spaces. Quite frank, unconventional, nihilistic and an iconoclast that does not give a damn. However, his method, artwork, and path are inspiring, often provoking positive reactions. He once said, “I need to infect structures in order for me to feel comfortable with their existence”. His coveted deconstruction of “right angle shit”, as he has described it, can be found in metropolitan cities around the world, from San Francisco to Milan.

His displays make viewers question the social values and norms we place on public structures. “A fence is a fence and if it’s on my side then I should have the right as a citizen who lives on that side to beautify it”, said Lister. His artwork’s beauty, brilliance and diligence, draws a distinction between art and the senseless street-scrawling graffiti has become infamous for.

In another instillation of their True to This campaign, lifestyle brand Volcom and Anthony Lister have joined forces to release a collaborative limited collection. The capsule, composed of outerwear, t-shirts and more, features art from Lister, which “explores the themes of money and corruption as it relates to the modern cyber state”.

“Anthony approaches street art like no one else, with a looseness that’s hard to get even in a studio”, said Mike Aho, Volcom’s Global Creative Director, in a statement about their latest release. “I’ve been a fan for over a decade, and excited to merge the endless creative exploration of Volcom with the vibrant brilliance of this fine individual”.

“I like to think that a skeleton’s always smiling”, says Lister when reflecting on his skull doodle, a recurring element within the collection. “So let’s just be happy about it”. The Lister x Volcom Collection is available now, featuring styles for both men and women. To find more info on pricing, the True to This campaign and more, head over to www.volcom.com. And stay tuned to see more about this special launch, cause something is happening in Barcelona in the few days.












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