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lamono #110 RIDE LIFE


Donald Trump could be a Life Rider. We have no doubts about it. And as the freeloader he is, in the most shameful sense of the word and actually bringing more shame to it, he has achieved the required votes. But today, to introduce our RIDE LIFE motto, we do not want to talk about Trump, his emotional dysentery or his stupid leadership… if only those geeks who have grown up creating virtual universes in Minecraft would have refrained to vote. Anyway… We rather talk about a poet who has left this world after strolling through life with a shared sentiment for well-spoken words. We rather talk about Leonard Cohen and the deity in charge of all the small things, those that deserve to be explained through long periods of time, with no hurry. Because life seems to be divided into failure and success and the fine line that separates those two words. As Lister said in the interview we feature in this issue, only those who have thought about beating someone else, have already failed in the first place. Trump has failed and Cohen has won. That’s the only conclusion we can arrive to after these two recent events have saddened our hearts, leading us to hoist a black flag, America’s flag. Life is meant to be ridden, to learn along the road, review lessons in each curve, and evolve with each loss and each success. This is the leitmotif shared by all of our protagonists in this issue of lamono, starting with Missy Prince, a traveler who after studying literature and philosophy, grabbed a camera and started a journey delving within herself, traveling across the state of Mississippi, as she permeated the psyche of her subjects, exhuming sincere stories. Gina Panarello left her hometown, Boston, MA, to travel across the United States in a van with her boyfriend, Kealan Shilling. After this trip they decided to settle in California, where her fears, anxiety and ghosts have disappeared, leaving room for a new gained confidence enhanced by all the good things that are about to happen. Lucho Vidales tells us about the relationship there is between his most recent project and the homage he has done to his rider friend, who was present at the Bataclan Theatre during the terrorist attacks in Paris. His photographs push us closer to the abyss, awakening dormant stimuli inside us, making us live life fully and in freedom, respecting each other. During our visit to San Sebastian, we were present at the inauguration of the Hurley Surf Club, there we had the chance of talking with John John Florence, recently crowned as the best surfer of the year, and the conclusion to which we arrived is that he has triumphed because he has fun doing what he does best, riding waves. According to him, getting obsessed about something makes you lose the enjoyment and, with it, the essence that turns a discipline into a passion. Bernard Testemale used to run a successful fin company until he had a terrible motorcycle accident that changed his life. After a period of darkness, photography came into his life as light shinning through a window, and brought his two passions together, the ocean and the graphic arts. Big Wave Riders is a series created using the wet collodion technique, a process that has the power of endowing an image with a soul. During his sojourn in Barcelona, hand in hand with Volcom and lamono, LISTER clearly declared through his practice that his art is impulsive, passionate, chaotic, irreverent and perpetual, despite its ephemeral nature. If there is someone that can represent the RIDE LIFE concept, that’s the ‘Australian Banksy’, as he has been labeled before, and our writer, Felipe Duarte, reveals this in an interview that ended in a nocturnal artistic experience that will remain on the walls, stoplights and transit signal boxes of Barcelona. Ivory Serra started skateboarding with his brother during the end of the eighties in San Francisco. Since then he has skated with many legends and photographed a bunch of them. Relaxed, as a downhill slope surrounded by palm trees, his photographs are the representation of all the enthusiasm that lies behind a click. The same enthusiasm present in Mateusz Staniewski’s work; hundreds of pictures he has been able to capture roaming around the streets of Barcelona, ever since he landed here with a camera hanging from his neck. His goal: to photograph the characters that capture his attention, to later surprise them by giving them a printed copy of the image they appear in. This is the process he has been carrying out for four years at the MACBA, and the result of this arduous labor is featured in this issue. To finish on a high note, we bring the works and words of a master, Steve McCurry, who ponders upon our pages about the power of reading, either if it is under a big tree in a park, lying on the beach or in the course of the uncomfortable silence there is between bombs during a war; books as the main representation of everyday life and the humanity we all share, a universal and everlasting symbol that can take us on an adventure, regardless how far it is.

T: Eva Villazala

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